Ah, February.

The novelty of a new year has worn off, the holiday pounds are still present, and it’s likely your New Year’s Resolutions are in the trash next to the dried-up Christmas tree you JUST took down.

But the light at the end of the blustery, winter tunnel is Ntara’s dedication to ping-pong. While the rest of the summer lawn games such as corn hole, Kan Jam, and Spikeball have all lie dormant, collecting dust, our team received a brand, spankin’ new, spiffy ping-pong table we are all very excited and serious about. (Seriously…we have a set of rules surrounding just the table.)

With a new table comes a new level of responsibility to the game. And our next player featured in this edition of Office Sports understands the importance of just a man, his paddle, and the table.

Hailing from Hotlanta at 5’10.5” tall (he says that last half-inch is muy importante…) and 185 pounds, Andrew Mosby is arguably one of the most seasoned pong players at Ntara. Not only is he one of the oldest, but he’s also been throwing down at Ntara the longest compared to the other players we’ve featured—Dirty Drain and Big Data HelbertZ.

Mosby is on our Front-End Development team, and he describes his relationship with ping-pong as a “classic love story about a down-on-his-luck kid, a ball, and a paddle. That paddle saved my life.” Read the rest of Mosby’s profile below.

Mo-breezy is a fierce competitor and takes ping-pong seriously. While he has many favorite highlights proving his dedication to the sport, his crowning achievement as a player has been teaching all the “up-and-coming young’uns how to spit fire on the pong table.” Did we mention he’s old?

Favorite Move: No-look slam walk-off.

Paddle Model: Killerspin JET300

Favorite pump-up song: Quad City DJ’s "Space Jam"

Pre-game ritual: Dinner #4 at El Charolais—ordering maximum food for minimum price. And don’t forget the green habaƱero hot sauce.

Sport idol: Patches O’Houlihan (While Mosby does sit from a chair as he develops our Front-End team, he is completely mobile during his games.)

Celebrity role model: Justin Timberlake / Andy Samberg

Intimidation tactic: Being better than everyone

Victory dance move: cross chest, kiss hand, point to the heavens

Best nutrition tips: PB Crisps, PB Crisps, PB Crisps, the sweet taste that is destined for fame.

Relaxation technique: Remembering my overwhelmingly positive record against “Dirty Drain.”

Any sponsors who support you? Dunder Mifflin

We’ve heard that Mosby’s kids always ask if he played “pin-pun” at work. He mentions that when he tells them yes – and that he won – his wife Katy asks if he still has friends. Katy, we’re here to tell you, yes, he does.

Mo-breezy has been leading the charge on Ntara’s new game structure: Volleypong. For the next edition of “Office Sports Weekly,” we’ll take an inside look at this high-energy, intense, and sometimes dangerous, evolution of the game.


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