What is PIMpoint?

PIMpoint Summit Americas is THE product information management (PIM) event of the year— gathering industry experts to reinforce and educate manufacturers and distributors about the importance of quality product data. The event sold out quickly—and we took notice of the sheer volume of attendees as the venue was packed to capacity. This historic event was held on the 80th floor of the Aon Center’s Mid-America Club with breathtaking views! See for yourself:


In 2013, the first PIM-focused conference was held in Sweden as European manufacturers and distributors led the charge to find synergies within product data to replicate within multiple languages. Now, the focus on product data has expanded to North America where companies are not only dealing with multiple languages but also multiple distribution channels. This event’s existence signifies the growing importance of PIM in North America.

For those unfamiliar, product information management (PIM) is a business application for marketers, product owners, and product managers, used for creating marketing and sales information for products that can help centralize all this content and syndicate it to all digital channels. With PIM, business users can manage all product-related content for all channels through a centralized and trusted source and collaboration point.

Being PIM advocates and inRiver Platinum Partners, it’s only natural that Ntara sponsored and attended the inaugural PIMpoint Americas conference to share our expertise in PIM implementation and discuss all things digital transformation. 

Favorite panel discussion: Digital Transformation


You may call us biased, but our favorite panel discussion set out to define the benefits of a true digital transformation. Our VP of Sales and Marketing, Andy Didyk, participated on the panel representing a broad perspective on what’s going on with product information management and digital transformation in the manufacturing and distribution industries. Drew MacDonald of Royal Brass & Hose and Don Dawson of D’Addario provided an inRiver customer perspective regarding both topics. 

Throughout the discussion, points were raised about the importance of investing in the creation of a strong technical foundation for your company’s website in order to build and scale for the future. Andy offered tips to customers ranging from setting realistic expectations for partners and ensuring transparency between the organizations. Drew and Don discussed their experiences working through their respective PIM projects and the importance of choosing a trusted digital partner. 

Overall, the key takeaway for the audience was to be realistic about the state of your product data and to invest the time and money to get this all-important project right the first time. 

Favorite keynote: How to Create a Zombie Loyalist—Peter Shankman 


When working towards project process, it’s easy to get stuck in the day-to-day tasks and tactics. In his keynote, Peter Shankman—entrepreneur and author—reminded the audience that customer experience should be a priority for every client interaction. He outlined four specific tricks of the trade to help businesses stay a level above the competition:

#1: Be transparent. If there’s a problem, own it. If there’s a project delay, let your customer know. Customers, and human beings in general, value honesty and integrity. 

#2: Be relevant. In every client interaction, Peter really drove home the importance of having relevant interactions and conversations. Really understanding your customer and how they like to receive their information is paramount.

#3: Become better communicators. Say a lot with a little. The average attention span is 2.7 seconds, so make your point quickly. If you spend too much time crafting the message and stalling the delivery, you can miss your opportunity to add value for your client and their bottom line.  

#4: Be top of mind. Find new and interesting ways to ensure your current clients and prospective clients think of you above anyone else. Send emails that aren’t about projects or sales—just knowledge sharing can create a level of trust and confidence in your customer relationship that may have not been there otherwise. Always reach out and ask how you can help. 

Award winner: Delivery Excellence Award


As an inRiver Platinum Partner, we take pride in delivering projects that are of the highest quality and bring the most value to our clients. At the PIMpoint Americas conference, Ntara received the Delivery Excellence award—signifying our continued commitment to delivering high-quality PIM implementations and ensuring our clients have a strong technical foundation to grow their e-commerce capabilities. We’re the only partner in the world to receive this award! To learn more about our partnership with inRiver, check out our partner page.

Final takeaway: 

Overall, the inaugural PIMpoint Americas conference was a great experience for our team. Not only did we have the opportunity to share our insights—and U.S. inRiver Champion, Dave Norvell—with inRiver customers, but we also gained a greater appreciation for the platform and what it means to achieve customer success through PIM implementations.  

We’re already looking forward to next year! 


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