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Front End UX/UI Developer

Builder of the beautiful and complex.

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Front End Developers are builders. We derive pleasure from translating, kerning and leading, to letter-spacing and line-height, creating and staying under a site performance budget, and writing good, semantic markup. We often think in terms of systems and interactions and know that the smallest design touches can mean the difference between a good site and a great site. We have empathy for the end user, which translates to good user experience.

At Ntara, Front End Developers are part of our Engineering Team. Our work informs the work of both our Back End developers and designers, and their work informs ours. Not a day goes by without collaboration on the design or functionality of a site. We also understand the world of Back End developers, and we think of ways to make their lives easier and cut down on development time.

Front End UX/UI Developer Jobs: Things that will make you successful at Ntara

  • Hand-coding HTML5, CSS(LESS), and JS (JQuery) to create appealing responsive websites of highest quality
  • Developing and executing performance budgets for sites
  • Creating prototypes for proof of concept to support sales or otherwise
  • Anticipating the differences in and coding for all major browsers and device platforms

Does that sound like you?
Yes? Good. Keep reading.
No? Keep in touch. We may have other positions opening soon that better fit your skills.

Things that will help you excel at Ntara

  • Collaboration with designers during composition phase
  • Handoff from design compositions to Front End
  • Quality Assurance before Back End Development hand-off
  • Handoff from Front End to Back End Development
  • Quality Assurance before client hand-off
  • Occasional content entry
  • Improve Front End process
  • Learn from experience and from others to grow your skillset
  • Droppin' anyone who dares to challenge us on the ping pong table

Qualities that would make a good Front End Developer at Ntara

  • An impeccable eye for detail with the ability to match your UI to the design in a cross-browser environment
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills with an affinity for problem-solving
  • Ability to self-manage during projects and proactively raise issues/concerns to the team
  • Awareness of the device and browser landscape
  • Empathy for the end user
  • Consideration of performance and accessibility

A day in the life of a Front End UX/UI Developer at Ntara

This is a full-time, on site position at the Ntara world headquarters in Johnson City, Tennessee. We are not considering remote candidates for this position at this time.

Wow, you are still here.

All kidding aside, we know that any one person can make a big impact on our business and not always in a positive way. We are looking for the best and the brightest. If you think you have what it takes, then we look forward to hearing from you.

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