Act-On: Marketing automation software

Act-On: Marketing automation software

Act-On is marketing automation that empowers businesses to go beyond online marketing, inbound marketing, and demand generation by building relationships and creating adaptive user journeys.

Act-On’s marketing automation solutions help our clients’ marketing and sales teams predict and deliver the best message, at the perfect time, through the ideal channel. The integrated marketing programs Ntara builds with Act-On can help you adapt to your customer’s specific behaviors, preferences, and interests.

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Act-On and Ntara

Act-On is Ntara’s preferred marketing automation solution for helping clients communicate better and more effectively with their customers and drive higher conversion rates for both email and marketing campaigns.

With Act-On, our customers will be able to:

  • Generate more leads. Start focusing on programs that generate the most high-quality leads for your business.
  • Build prospects’ trust. Prospects demand more personalized messaging – based on their unique needs and preferences – to aid them along their customer journey.
  • Grow and retain customers. Create a unique, customer-centric experience with thoughtful and continued communications to ensure higher satisfaction rates, lower churn rates, and engaged brand advocates.
  • Measure your efforts. Prove the success of your marketing programs and campaigns by showing which ones directly impact your organization’s revenue and growth goals.
  • Eliminate data silos. Marketing technology works best when it’s connected. Integrate your existing technologies and applications to get the most out your marketing automation implementation.

Fast facts: Act-On capabilities

With Act-On, we enable our clients to navigate their audience’s unique buying journey with ease.


True to their name, automated programs let you automate key processes and tasks that are critical to campaign success yet labor-intensive when managed by hand. Act-On enables Ntara to create workflows and nurture campaigns that are automatically triggered after completing an action on the website.


Automation includes:

  • Workflows and logic
  • Email lead nurturing
  • Lead management
  • Trigger programs


Whether you’re a do-it-all marketer that loves pre-configured templates and dashboards, or a data-hungry marketer that likes to slice and dice your data in a business intelligence tool, we’ve got you covered. Act-On enables Ntara to customize reporting for our clients to display what they care about most.


Analytics include:

  • Campaign reports
  • Revenue attribution
  • Marketing funnels
  • AdWords
  • Reports on all digital KPIs


Inbound marketing helps prospective customers find you across digital channels. It’s done by creating great content, optimizing it for online channels and devices, and distributing it across the channels so it can attract and engage audiences. Ntara can help optimize our client’s inbound marketing programs with Act-On’s inbound marketing tools, such as:


Inbound marketing tools:

  • SEO auditing
  • Social media posting
  • Website prospecting
  • Landing page development
  • Form creation


Outbound marketing helps your company reach consumers and spread the word about your brand, products, and services. In the digital world, outbound marketing methods include email, sales calls, display ads, videos, on-demand training, and more. Ntara can help clients realize their potential by incorporating these digital outbound strategies into their overarching marketing efforts.


Act-On outbound marketing features:

  • Email marketing
  • Events & webinars
  • Reporting
  • Account-based marketing

CRM integration

Integrating your marketing automation platform with your customer relationship management (CRM) system helps sales and marketing work better together and accelerate your lead management process. Ntara can help facilitate this integration to allow your sales team to have the best view of a prospect’s customer journey from beginning to end.


Benefits of integrating:

  • Set up takes 60 minutes or less
  • Empower sales to have better conversations
  • Hand off leads seamlessly in real-time
  • Increase effectiveness with automated lead prioritization
  • Connect custom records for enhanced segmentation
  • Personalize communications using CRM data

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