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Ucommerce combines Kentico's powerful content management system (CMS) with an enhanced and fully integrated set of enterprise class e-commerce features. Ucommerce enables companies to do more extensive website commerce than ever before with an easy-to-install package for your existing Kentico CMS.

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Ntara is a fully certified Ucommerce partner with extensive experience working within the Kentico platform and can help you get the most out of your Kentico commerce capabilities. Our team can connect a fully integrated ecosystem, inclusive of both commerce and content management, to give your website increased functionality and control. We help our clients understand the functionality and features provided by both Kentico and Ucommerce to make the best recommendation as to which platform is best suited for your individual business challenges. Ucommerce for Kentico is an integration for those who want to have more flexibility, more commerce channels, and more extensive order management on their Kentico CMS.

Fast facts: Ntara's Ucommerce Software

Partner Icon 200+ certified global partners
Developer Icon 4 global offices
Winner Icon 1,000+ certified global developers
Installations Icon 3,000+ active Ucommerce global installations
People Icon Seamlessly integrated into 4 web content management systems

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By enhancing Kentico with Ucommerce, your website brings the best of content and commerce together, ensuring a seamless and fully integrated experience for your customers that’s customizable, flexible, and offers a faster speed to market for your business. Ucommerce is completely focused on commerce, so you can trust that the product’s functionality will fit with your business.

Multiple product catalogs with various SKU assortments are supported with multi-tiered pricing support, enabling extensive multi-channel commerce. This means your business now has the ability to create multiple shipments per order, multiple payments per order, and the all-important refund. These Ucommerce features allow your products to shine and while saving time and development resources.

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