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Product information management (PIM)

Today, outdated data management processes cause product data to be inconsistent and incorrect. Through PIM, we help untangle your data and automate those once manual processes. This reduces risk and allows your team to spend less time on meaningless data entry and more time adding value to your organization.

Ntara is a top PIM implementation partner in the US and EU. We create successful implementations for teams around the world, helping them achieve tremendous savings and efficiencies. Here are some of our recent accomplishments:

  • Managed 500,000 SKUs from multiple companies
  • Imported and delivered product data to 1000s of retailers and suppliers
  • Supported 500 concurrent system users
  • Implemented 8 languages
  • Handled complex workflows, automations, and configurations

Ntara’s PIM process


Unlike most scoping engagements, you’ll have a prototype of a scalable data model based on what we learn about your business. We’ll consult with you to better optimize and manage your data. And we’ll customize your software solution to meet your unique business needs.

  • On-site consultation and workshopping
  • Workflow documentation and scoping
  • Product framework analysis
  • Digital asset management strategy & integration
  • Audit quality and consistency of product data
  • Product data modeling:
    • Technical data
    • Usage data
    • Media file data


Our BA team maps out every process, data supplier, and digital touchpoint to ensure we understand the many facets of your business. We iterate with you throughout the course of the project to build a solution that it meets your needs—not just the industry standard.

  • Business logic within the PIM system
  • Data ingestion (using sample data)
  • Integrations and connectors
  • Testing and training for each role


We set you up for success by building PIM system to specification. We load the final data set and provide training to ensure data is error-free and ready to turn over to your team. Through this customized training, we equip you with all the tools necessary to manage product data on your own.

  • Data and completion validation
  • Client training for each user role
  • Quality assurance and big fixes 
  • User acceptance testing (UAT)


Once the project wraps, you’re empowered to manage your own data without reliance on a 3rd party. Yet, many of our PIM clients continue to work with us on optimization strategies which include the following:

  • Enhancements for design and development
  • Partner/3rd party onboarding & customizations
  • Additional process and workflow development
  • Additional training & workshops
  • PIM maturity model analysis and monitoring

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