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Cardinal Innovations Healthcare is the largest provider of managed care services in the United States. They serve those most in need: the people and families diagnosed with intellectual or development disabilities, mental health, or substance use disorders. With a network or providers and local support partners, they work to improve the health and wellness of their members.


As a managed care organization, Cardinal Innovations is required by law to continuously share a massive amount of content with a vast network of members and providers. All that data helps people get the care they need – but without an easy way to manage it, it can lead to a cumbersome, slow website that can be overwhelming to navigate.


Cardinal Innovations hired Ntara to systematically review every single web page, PDF, video, word doc, and anything else on the 3,000+ pages of their website. We reviewed of all of their content, structured into an easily navigable database. Then we move forward with a plan to salvage, update, and reinvigorate their website.


From the content audit findings and by analyzing the Cardinal Innovations customer journey, we developed a new, customer-centric website that decluttered content a streamlined the user experience. In just 90 days, we were able to relaunch their website content and present their users with a user-friendly experience.



drop in site searches


improvement in bounce rate


improvement in organic traffic


increase in direct traffic 

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