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Cardinal Innovations Healthcare is a Medicaid managed-care organization (MCO) that serves members and families with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities, mental health, or substance use disorder (IDD/MH/SUD) diagnoses across 20 counties in North Carolina. Each year, the organization publishes an annual report that they call the Impact Report. This time around, they wanted to create a report that all their audiences (members, caregivers, stakeholders, government officials, etc.) could understand and engage with on their website.


Annual reports can be sterile documents that cover financials and key company initiatives. But Cardinal Innovations had more to cover in their 2018 Impact Report. After a series of internal crises that resulted in a complete overhaul of executive leadership, they wanted to remind their stakeholders exactly what they were committed to—serving individuals with complex needs and their families with the utmost integrity.


We created a digital year-in-review that addressed the issues head on and promised transparency in the years to come. Working closely with the Cardinal Innovations team, a compelling story full of meaningful data points was brought to life. With a theme of “A Year in Recovery,” their annual report took an honest approach that highlighted their commitment to their mission.

Final Experience

With both the online version of the report and the printable PDF, we successfully and uniquely told their story. We integrated the impact report into their existing Kentico Xperience environment, allowing them to highlight the report on their home page. With the report on their website, we created a fluid experience for end users and allowed for easy updates by content administrators. And since the report was templatized, Cardinal Innovations can use the same format for years to come.



unique sections filled with animations


personal feature stories


interactive county highlights


continuous, fluid scroll


average minutes read time


engagement rate

A year in recovery

Persona-focused content

Understanding and anticipating each audience's needs

Past Cardinal Innovations reports were intended primarily for executive audiences. Catering to all audiences meant we had to break down complex subjects into easy-to-follow content. Each audience had to find value in the report: the members receiving services, their caregivers, employees, providers, the media, government officials. Easily-skimmable content led way to more detailed descriptions of spending, key initiatives, authentic stories, and more.

Annual report revenue

Purposeful UX

Communicating transparency through strategy direction

We created multiple design elements that reinforced the theme of transparency. Layered text at varying degrees of opaqueness. Subtle animation that gently draws the eye from data point to data point. This design makes the user feel comfortable. We introduced each new concept in a non-obtrusive way. We allowed users to explore at their own pace, drilling down as they wished to view more detail.

“Our Impact Report provides a look back on the year while underscoring our commitment to transparency and reinforcing our mission.”
Cardinal Innovations Healthcare Community newsletter

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