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Marketing case study: Interactive quiz

Healthcare & Institutions

Integrated marketing initiative

Bosma Enterprises has been delivering vital services to people who are blind or visually impaired (B/VI) in Indianapolis for a century.  They provide employment, employment training, and in-home services for the B/VI community.  Their marketing challenge was to create awareness in the Indianapolis area regarding the huge need for this community and how their products and services make a tangible difference.

Cost Per Awareness


Quiz Completion Rate


Average minutes on page


Creating an accessible website for the B/VI community: marketing case study

Ntara developed an industry-leading website breaking the mold for visual accessibility. Our developers innovated on accessibility methods and gained recognition for their work. After a successful launch, Bosma wanted us to develop new tactics to get more traffic to the site and increase brand awareness.

Developing a campaign that increases brand awareness in the Indy area

Our Integrated Marketing team recognized an opportunity to insert Bosma messaging into fun content for people in the Indianapolis area. The increasing popularity of social media has resulted in many new trends, including quizzes that challenge users’ knowledge and know-how on a variety of topics. Our team was up to the challenge, so we developed a fun, 16-question quiz about Indianapolis and included two questions about one of Indy’s most valuable assets – Bosma. Visitors who completed the quiz would learn about Indianapolis, and would inadvertently learn about Bosma, the community it serves, and how it functions.  The quiz was promoted through  social media marketing, primarily Facebook, and resulted in incredibly high engagement metrics.

Engaging and shareable social content

With a relatively small promotional spend, Bosma was able to reach thousands of Indianapolis residents with their important mission.

  • The cost of engagement was $.19 per awareness
  • 77% quiz completion rate
  • Average time on page was 20 minutes 
  • 15% of those who completed the quiz shared it on social media
  • 9.6% bounce rate
  • Over 20,000 questions answered with a single $250 ad spend.

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