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About the Client

Mullican Hardwood Flooring has been producing beautifully crafted hardwood floors since 1985. Their reputation for making the highest quality hardwood is unmatched in the marketplace. From their home in the Appalachian Mountains, where forests of hardwood trees flourish, they craft their products by hand to bring beauty and warmth of nature into their customers’ homes.


Traditionally, Mullican Flooring has not been a digital-first company. Their go-to-market strategy historically focused on their retailer and distributor network. To become more digitally-focused, they needed to clean up their disorganized, inconsistent product data—which was being managed in multiple places by multiple people. They also needed to better understand their end-users and the role digital plays in their purchasing journey.


To inform the strategy for Mullican’s new website, Ntara conducted primary research. We segmented their personas based on a variety of factors, including gender, age, income, region, and more. Then, our analysts and developers analyzed their product data and developed a strategy to keep it consistent across all channels.

Final Experience

Ntara completely reorganized Mullican’s product data. We developed an e-commerce integration to manage all their data in one, central location. We resolved the barriers in their target users’ digital journey with relevant content, organized product data, and seamless UX. Mullican was ready to scale for future e-commerce.



reduction in time spent creating new products in the system


reduction in time to get product information to retailers 


increase in product page views


increase in the number of samples ordered

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