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Teradata 3D

Interactive product tour examples

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Transforming tablets and smartphones into showrooms to sell one-ton products

Teradata provides end-to-end solutions and services in data warehousing, big data and analytics, and marketing applications that enable their customers to become data-driven businesses. Teradata has trusted Ntara to create impactful digital experiences to sell their widely-varied products and services since 2010.

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Sell servers without actually shipping them to prospects

Among other things, Teradata sells enormous servers. The best way to sell them would be to have a showroom, like your local car dealership. But given their globally-dispersed clientele, that just wasn’t possible. So we needed to find a solution that would work better than sales reps toting eight-foot cabinets on their shoulders through airport security. That's where product tours come in.

Product tour Example: An interactive 3D experience

As digital craftsmen, we carry a deep and robust toolbox to find the best solution to meet our clients' needs. To help Teradata sell servers, we developed an interactive, 3D download set for five of Teradata’s top-selling products. Pop-outs sell the features of each component, just like a showroom salesman would. The end product is a showroom-type experience through which Teradata prospects open the virtual cabinets, then click hot-points to slide pieces out, rotate the view, peruse the options, and learn about these top-of-the-line servers—all from the comfort of their favorite office chair.

14.3 million pounds of shipping saved

Since launch, the microsite has averaged 2.7 3D tour downloads per day, which equals millions of pounds in shipping saved.
  • 2000x zoom on 3D images
  • 5 product lines
  • 14.3 million pounds of shipping saved

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