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Helping an industry leader present a compelling brand experience

Answering the question, “How’d you sleep?” for almost two centuries, Simmons Beautyrest is a leader in manufacturing mattresses and sleep technologies. They chose Ntara to elevate their open source brochure site to a higher performing, more secure brand experience on the Kentico CMS. Beautyrest needed a way to support its evolving product line and launches, connect its core line of products with consumers, and drive users to store locations through dealer locator information based on custom SKUs. By deploying our Blueprinting and nSight segmentation process, Ntara built a user-centric brand website that achieved some impressive results in record time.

Traffic increase


Improvement in average session duration


Increase in visitors looking for a store location


Transitioning to a consumer-centric business

The mattress industry is an extremely complex retail landscape because of the diversity of each mattress SKU at the individual dealer level. Beautyrest needed help reaching consumers who would be traveling to a store and encountering their products based on an individual location. Our team conducted research proving that Beautyrest’s consumers want a direct consulting relationship when shopping for a mattress with complete product information, inclusive of pricing, reviews, and ratings. Ntara worked with Beautyrest to publish pricing for each mattress model directly on its website. Our team also helped integrate a ratings and review platform to transition the Beautyrest brand into a consumer-centric business.

Developing a roadmap for consumer engagement success

Through customer segmentation and A/B testing, the Ntara team was able to design and develop a fully responsive site that integrates with all of Beautyrest’s ongoing omnichannel campaigns. The data collected from this primary customer research informed all design decisions, and the Ntara team was able to develop a stable and robust analytics platform with business intelligence. The Beautyrest team now has a roadmap to measure baseline performance and monitor site traffic to support current and future consumer initiatives.

Consumer-centric approach yields an impressive conversion rate

The Ntara team needed to work together with other stakeholders to deliver under a tight timeframe—90 days.  And deliver we did. The Simmons Beautyrest website achieves some impressive metrics. In launching the new website, we improved sessions, duration of online visits, decreased bounce rate, and realized an impressive conversion rate:

  • Improved sessions by 31.6%
  • Increased average session duration by 30.3%
  • Decreased bounce rate  by 14%
  • Increased conversions (Find a Store Searches) by 45.6%

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