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The Teradata University Network (TUN) is one way that Teradata, an international analytics company, empowers the next generation of data scientists. TUN provides access to analytics and data science resources to higher education faculties and students around the globe. Students can join faculty workshops, enter in competitions, and learn about the latest ideas in data science completely free of charge.


The TUN website was experiencing a slump in user registrations. It had a complicated registration process and an inflexible website that faculty members struggled to use. TUN also had a growing need for search engine optimization (SEO) to extend its reach beyond the current network.


The TUN team worked with Ntara to redesign and rebuild the outdated and unresponsive TUN website on Kentico Xperience, an all-in-one digital experience platform (DXP) and content managements system (CMS). We integrated new systems for member management, library items, search functionality, and more to give TUN faculty and students a seamless user experience.


We opened up more of TUN’s content to the public and optimized that content for search engines. As a result, TUN saw a massive increase in traffic. What’s more, site visitors could more easily register for classes, upload materials, and work with TUN’s digital library.



increase in sessions 


increase in users 


increase in library item pageviews 


decrease in page load time


decrease in average page download time


increase in total pageviews

“With our new Kentico Xperience platform for Teradata University Network, our team feels empowered and able to take on editing pages and adding content with ease. We love the admin interface, and we are getting some amazing reporting to better understand which content is most popular with our academic membership.”
Susan Baskin Director, Global Learning Programs & Teradata University Network 

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