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Teradata is a global analytics company specializing in helping businesses leverage 100% of their data on-premises, in the cloud, and anywhere in between. Teradata has worked with companies like Siemens, Verizon, Netflix, and PG&E—and they’ve counted on Ntara to develop their digital experiences since 2010.


Teradata.com needed a redesign and a replatform. They were working off of the increasingly out-of-date Ektron CMS and, as a global company, needed to target clients from every part of the globe. That takes a complete website overhaul—and meant updating the more than 4,000 pages on Teradata.com.


This project required an agile approach over 18 months. We rebuilt Teradata.com on Kentico Xperience (an all-in-one digital experience platform and content management system) because of its flexibility, integration capabilities, and ability to handle content across different languages. We also redesigned and simplified the site, archiving more than 2,000 pages and merging hundreds of others.


The new site presented a simpler, more intuitive user experience. It allowed Teradata to connect Eloqua for marketing automation and Celebrus for analytics. It also attracted new visitors, more than doubling monthly traffic to the website and increasing their time on the site fifteen-fold.



increase in monthly visitors


increase in time on site


increase in time on homepage


increase in pageviews on homepage


second decrease in site load time

“Kentico Xperience has been such an improvement from Ektron. It’s allowing us to broaden our business goals for the site and start pushing the limits of technology. It’s been scalable and easy to use. Our partnership with Ntara has made all of this possible!”
Jamie Flynn Senior Project Manager

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