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Taking a big brand first impression to the next level

Lexmark’s website technology platform and portions of the underlying tools were either inadequate to meet the needs of the market or were stretched beyond their capabilities. With nearly one million unique visitors coming to the Lexmark website monthly, steps had to be taken to ensure that users were provided with a high-quality experience that could meet their needs. 

increase in online sales


customer loyalty improved through an increase in return visitors


increase in time on site


Make a great first impression and boost sales

The landing page needed to serve as a strong platform for sending out a positive first impression of the Lexmark brand to its users and customers. Lexmark also required ongoing web support to launch microsites for product marketing efforts.

Create a more simplified landing page with benefit-focused content

Ntara redesigned the website with a layout that was more simplified, establishing a new look and feel for the page/banners that included adding benefit-focused photography; establishing a strong hierarchy of content through color, position, and type; and instituting a comprehensive style guide that would determine and maintain color palettes, messaging tone, typography limitations, photography usage, and more. Other project rollouts included multiple product microsites to support Lexmark’s product marketing initiatives, including a project center, a Wi-Fi promotional site, an ad site to support television and print advertising, and a color site devoted to the uses of color in Lexmark printers.

A big boost in customer loyalty and sales

A newly designed, easily navigable Lexmark landing page showed increases of three measurable customer metrics over a one-year time period.


  • Online sales increased by 47%
  • Customer loyalty improved through a 100% increase in return visitors
  • 22% increase in time on site



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