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Ditching PowerPoint for a more refined sales solution

Long-standing practice had burdened Xerox Global Services (XGS) with the habit of using a "traditional" method to sell complex offerings and services to a global market. The sales force was accustomed to creating presentations that contained too many slides, covering everything in an effort to find what sticks with a particular client. 

global revenue


reduced sales cycle by

54 days

decrease in time to contract signing


Add consistency, wow factor, and tracking to presentations for global salesforce

XGS needed to strengthen the value and consistency of its services message and have the ability to track how and when presentations were being shared with prospects and clients globally, and what their ultimate impact on the sales cycle was. It was time to do away with everyone’s least favorite, but perceived necessary tool—Powerpoint. XGS looked to Ntara to create a more refined and customized solution to put the best tools possible in the hands of their salesforce.

XGS Tour—a modular, agile sales presentation tool

Working closely and collaboratively with XGS, Ntara created a guided selling tool, called XGS Tour, to help make XGS's dialogues with customers more effective. Modular in format and non-linear, the tour is automated and easily customizable. Before meeting with a client, the sales rep sets up a tour, personalizing it to the client and customizing the upfront agenda. The tool automatically checks for periodic updates, so there is no longer concern about outdated messaging and brand inconsistency. The use of 2D flash animation and video to create a realistic user interface provides the ability to “show” clients real world document types and the flow of those documents in a business process.

A huge reduction in the sales cycle

The XGS Tour solution resulted in an immediate positive impact on the Xerox global sales cycle.

  • $205 million in global revenue
  • Sales cycle reduction from an average of 131 days to an average of 77 days
  • 59% decrease in time to contract signing

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