During a third quarter TV break, rowdy fans saw a commercial on the largest screen in existence—Colossus—for our client Blue Lizard Sunscreen. That was followed by a live dance-off with the Blue Lizard mascot shaking his groove thang alongside the game emcee and fans in the stands.

That’s a heck of a lot of people getting acquainted with a brand.
With an engaging social media campaign, Ntara doubled that exposure, reaching over 309,000 people on Facebook.

A screenshot from a Facebook posts. Jose Castillo stands int he middle of a football field with Blue Lizard mascots behind him.

So, how did we do it? Follow these 4 tips.

1. Set clearly defined goals.

The primary goal of the campaign was brand awareness. Blue Lizard is a premium-priced product, so we wanted to firmly establish the brand with customers so they wouldn’t make a decision on price alone. A secondary goal of the campaign was gaining Facebook page likes. We developed a campaign designed to give the same group several brand touches leading up to, and during, the event.

Our team had to work quickly to make this happen. We were approached about executing this social blitz opportunity with only one week of lead time.

2. Capitalize on pre-event excitement.

Buzz around the Battle at Bristol had been building for years. The game between Tennessee and Virginia Tech at BMS was originally proposed in 1997; a contract was finalized in 2013 for a 2016 game. Fans were pumped. ESPN’s College Game Day would broadcast from the track.

3. Utilize video in a meaningful way.

Facebook favors video in their news feed algorithm, so video was a focus from the start. We coordinated a video shoot on Tuesday with game emcee Jose Castillo and two Blue Lizard mascots on the newly-laid field. This was a point of interest because the speedway infield was being transformed into a football field for the first time – and fans were excited to see it.

Using the game emcee for the 30-second pregame video was a strategic decision. Fans would see him during the tailgate party, then again on the big screen Saturday night. Our goal was that each time, they’d be reminded of the Blue Lizard video.

The video called for viewers to like the Blue Lizard Facebook page for details about a prize giveaway on Saturday. Ntara raked in 1,143 new page likes for Blue Lizard with a nominal spend.

4. Incentivize user-generated content

People love taking pictures with mascots at sporting events, so we encouraged fans to post selfies with the lizards from the tailgate. On Friday, a boosted post announced that fans who did so would be entered to win a souvenir pack from the game.

During tailgating on Saturday, Blue Lizard employees worked the crowd with the lizards, encouraging fans to post pictures on their own Facebook accounts. We had them tag @BlueLizardSunscreen and #BattleAtBristol to monitor results and multiply brand exposure.

As the lizards walked around the tailgating venue, fans lined up for a near-continuous stream of selfies. Ntara provided live pics and video on Facebook and Twitter during tailgating and immediately after the game as well.

A montage of 6 photos showing different football fans with the Blue Lizard mascot.

ROI: 1.6¢ per reach

The Blue Lizard Battle at Bristol campaign generated 128 hours—or 5.3 days—of video viewing, more than 7,000 engagements, and 310,853 people reached on social for a cost of $.016 each.
But how did our client come out ahead on this promotional spend? Ntara helped Blue Lizard capture an incredible digital opportunity. By working quickly, strategically, and creatively, we targeted our client’s audience effectively and created engaging content.

Those are some substantial sponsorship stats, and 1.6 cents per spectator is a sensational social spend, if we do say so ourselves. Hats off to our Integrated Marketing team.

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