Our PIM Evaluation whitepaper provides readers with a checklist to prepare for a PIM platform selection and project engagement. Readers will learn:

  • The benefits of PIM
  • Characteristics of readiness for PIM
  • Core PIM functionality
  • Considerations for choosing a PIM solution
  • How to select a PIM implementation partner

Check out our recent infographic that explains an overview:

PIM Evaluation Infographic

Download the free whitepaper

Still not convinced? We wrote this whitepaper because the wild frontier of the web has made it more difficult for the manufacturing and distribution industry. As vendors and merchants seek to enter new markets, distribute products to new channels, and satisfy customer requirements for product information, the process can become bogged down and inefficient. Quality and consistency suffer as product managers and marketers create and distribute unique data sets and information to each retailer, distributor, channel, or market.

Product information management (PIM) solutions alleviate the problems inherent in these industries, and the informational and organizational silos that result from it. These solutions improve the consistency of product information across channels, ensure the accuracy and completeness of product information, and enable the enrichment of product content with imagery, descriptions, and other materials. A superior customer experience—resulting in increased sales—is the ultimate goal.

Read our whitepaper to discover how to effectively manage products in an omnichannel environment, save time to market by onboarding products more quickly, and gain ROI by centralizing product data in one place.
Best part about this whitepaper? It’s totally free. And we won’t even spam you afterward. Promise.

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