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Ntara partnered with Znode simply because we needed a solution that would work.

If you look at the clients on our brand roster, these are clients that cannot afford to mess around when it comes to producing really complicated B2B ecommerce websites.

And if you look at the way a sales cycle works, there’s no way to capture all of the requirements that any one client has. We try. We’re really good. But it’s impossible.

So, what we needed was a platform and a partner that has a solution that we could call upon to work for things out of the box, as well as a robust API that was documented well enough that when we needed to customize something we could go grab documentation and make it happen—and not wait around for any type of other custom development.

Znode was designed from the ground up for pure B2B ecommerce. What that means is they’ve got native integrations into most of the common ERPs that manufacturers, distributors, and retailers have. They have over 600 APIs that are independently written as well as a huge suite, an array, of functionality that allow us—instead of our developers spending time custom-building things—it helps us to be able to pull things out of the box, set them up, configure them, get them off and running, and get the client ringing the cash register sooner on their project.

If you have a project team that’s sitting around trying to figure out what solution could possibly meet your B2B ecommerce needs, and you’ve got a dozen, or two dozen, or a hundred requirements, Znode would be a great place to start.

It’s purpose-built for B2B. It has PIM that’s built into it. It’s got built-in multi-store. And you have the support of partners like us that have seen and done some very complicated things, saying yes this thing can actually do what it says it’s supposed to do.

To learn more about Ntara’s partnership with Znode, visit Ntara.com/Znode.

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