Implementing PIM requires significant investment of resources. PIM deployments can take anywhere from a few months to a full year, and the entire process requires consistent participation from staff across multiple departments. Considering that PIM systems are typically in place for several years before being retooled or replaced, it is no surprise that selecting the right platform is critical for success.

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Hiring a PIM platform selection partner

The PIM landscape continues to grow in complexity—an increasing number of PIM platforms with various selling points and feature sets. Software company acquisitions and consolidations often leave business leaders with more questions than answers. As a good steward of your business, you can’t just follow the latest analyst recommendation. You need confidence that your PIM platform can enable your company to meet its goals.

To ensure that you choose the right solution, you need the right partner. Your agency should understand product data strategy and should have a framework for identifying your most pressing needs, your unique business requirements, and your biggest product-related opportunities.

Why hire Ntara as your PIM partner 

At Ntara, we’ve developed a framework for making effective, efficient platform decisions. Our process can eliminate countless hours of platform research, expediting your selection process and getting you to value sooner.

With over 25 PIM implementations across multiple platforms, you can trust us to help you cut through the noise and avoid costly mistakes. We customize our proven methodology to your specific needs. We manage everything—the RFI, the vendor calls, the scheduling, and the data analysis.

We’ll provide potential vendors with your business requirements and have them assess their platforms. What comes out-of-the-box and what would require customization? Are you choosing something that technically checks the right boxes, but in actual implementation will create nothing but headaches? Ntara’s experience and process adds confidence and specificity to your platform evaluation. The result is a data-driven recommendation, complete with guidance on how to implement.

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Ntara’s PIM platform partners

We started in PIM a decade ago by building custom software for leading brands. As commercial PIM offerings matured, we partnered with three industry leaders whose products run the gamut of our clients’ needs.

For business that need a completely customizable, multi-tenant SaaS PIM solution, inriver is a great option. It includes a robust workflow and incorporates digital shelf analytics.

For enterprise businesses who have robust PIM and MDM needs, there is Riversand/Syndigo. It is also highly configurable and includes a marketplace.

Salsify works best for businesses who need fast deployment times. It’s great for businesses whose primary use case is syndication.

Some of our clients choose PIM platforms that we don’t implement in-house. That’s ok though, because the pre-work is transferrable. Regardless of your platform choice, our PIM prep deliverables can be the foundation of your deployment. And your business will be better prepared for a smooth implementation, saving you time and money. 

Let’s talk platform selection. 

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