PIM can save businesses significant time and money through increased productivity, reduction of error, and accelerated time-to-market. But the PIM landscape is diverse and rapidly changing and it can be difficult to know where to start. To get the most out PIM, you need an experienced agency partner.

Ntara’s PIM experience

We’ve helped businesses save upwards of 10,000 person hours of time per year with PIM. With more than 25 implementations across multiple platforms, our dedicated team of business analysts, developers, and product data strategists know how to optimize your product data processes to increase your likelihood of success with PIM.


hours/year saved

We helped a global tool manufacturer eliminate manual work by automating a report that previously took one person one day a week to generate.  


time savings

A global food and beverage manufacturer slashed their daily process of moving data from between their enterprise ERP and PIM because of Ntara’s work.


time savings

We reduced time for a full send through Salesforce connection from hours down to minutes for a global shoe and apparel manufacturer.

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Ntara’s PIM services

Our PIM services are two sides of the same coin. Side one: preparation. Side two: implementation. And both sides are equally important.

PIM preparation

If you haven’t selected a PIM platform, our consulting services are a great place to start. We customize our consulting agreements to fit your needs. We can conduct an in-depth analysis of your current product ecosystem, audit your product data, and assess product processes. We can document requirements and navigate alignment with your stakeholders. The result is a roadmap that you can use to implement the PIM of your choosing.

If you have already selected a PIM platform, we can conduct all prep work with that PIM in mind. We’ll compare your needs to the capabilities of the platform and help you identify what customizations will be required. And if you don’t know which PIM platform is right for your business, we can use a multi-method framework to guide you through the process.

PIM implementation

Ntara started in PIM a decade ago by building custom PIM software for several leading brands. As commercial PIM offerings matured, we partnered with three industry leaders: inriver, Riversand/Syndigo, and Salsify. We chose these PIM partners strategically because their products run the gamut of our clients’ needs.

For business that need a completely customizable, multi-tenant SaaS PIM solution, inriver is a great option. It includes a robust workflow and incorporates digital shelf analytics. For enterprise businesses who have robust PIM and MDM needs, there is Riversand/Syndigo. It is also highly configurable and includes a marketplace. Salsify works best for businesses who need fast deployment times. It’s great for businesses whose primary use case is syndication. Of course, every organization is different, and we believe your unique requirements should drive software selection—not the latest analyst reports.

After a consulting engagement with Ntara, some of our clients ultimately select PIM platforms we don’t implement. This requirements-first approach keeps us nimble and is something you should consider in any initial engagement with a consulting partner. Regardless of platform choice, our PIM preparation consulting deliverables retain their value and will serve as the foundation of your implementation. And your business will be better prepared for a smooth PIM deployment that will save your business time and money.

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