B2B digital transformation strategy

Ntara has been helping businesses transform for over 20 years. Our expertise lies in digital strategy, technical integrations,  and primary, market research.

Struggling with old platforms? Losing market share to digital-first incumbents? Tackling e-commerce for the first time? Wherever you are in the digital transformation process, we can help.

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What is digital transformation?

Digital transformation is the strategic incorporation of digital technologies into all areas of your business. For many businesses, digital transformation could mean a new way of doing business online, a digital brand refresh, or a systems update to help teams work more efficiently. The needs and requirements of our clients vary—and our experience runs the gamut.

Do you need digital transformation?

If one or more of the following describe you or your business, we should talk: 

  • Your internal systems are antiquated or causing inefficiencies
  • Your customers are demanding that business take place online
  • You need to move to an e-commerce model
  • You want to automate processes to save time and money
  • You need a sustainable and scalable technology foundation
  • You need to catch up to more modern competitors 

What can you expect?

Our team of digital strategists, developers, and analysts work closely together on all digital transformation projects to develop a phased, scalable, long-term strategy for your business. It's a process we call the Blueprint.

Timelines for these projects vary. How well do you know your audiences? What is happening in your industry that might directly influence your audience expectations? Where are your competitors succeeding that you are not? We begin each project with a strategic engagement that answers these questions and more.

A 36-month digital roadmap

The results of a digital transformation Blueprint come to life in our 36-month roadmap. It's a custom plan complete with CAPEX and OPEX investment recommendations, staffing plans, specific project requirements, risks, and more. The Blueprint roadmap helps your business make critical decisions and take action based on primary research data and industry insights.

We analyze the following:

Functional, technical, and business requirements 
Primary research with your target audiences
Current state systems, risks, and errors
UX analysis of your existing digital assets
Internal and external stakeholder expectations
UX analysis of direct and indirect competitors
Industry macro and micro trends
Major risks and how to mitigate them

20+ years in digital transformation

Technical consulting

Business process analysis

Data flows & mapping

Technical requirements documentation

Platform selection & recommendation

Web development operations

Market research expertise

Platform deployment best practices

Hosting & migration support

Your transformation is waiting.

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