Digital transformation for manufacturing & distribution

No other industry is undergoing digital transformation quite like manufacturing. We have been guiding both manufacturers and distributors through this process for more than 20 years.  

Decades in manufacturing

We specialize in product information management, technical integrations, channel optimization, B2B ecommerce, and direct to consumer programs. We’re familiar with your complex needs and understand the delicate balance you have to maintain. We’ve seen how difficult it can be to protect your brand while satisfying the needs of your downstream channels, and we know it can be daunting to prioritize your digital investments without the right data. ​

Through our work with manufacturers and distributors, we’ve uncovered millions of dollars in profitable opportunity through primary research. All our research has a shared goal: to predict online behavior while minimizing risk to your organization. ​​

Accelerating your transformation

We bring multichannel manufacturers direct-to-consumer for the first time. We develop custom solutions to navigate complicated, multi-part products and orders. And we continue to grow our capabilities in PIM, ecommerce, punchout, content syndication, multichannel analytics, attribution data, and more to serve the needs of this industry. We are a team of technically minded consultants who not only help you create the plan, but also do the work.

Our experience

Other firms might need education on the complexities of selling through a dealer network or managing millions of SKUs for downstream channels—but that’s the kind of stuff we do every day. If you’re heavily invested in Microsoft and .NET solutions, we should talk.

Data-driven strategies

In addition to digital design and development, we understand your industry at our core. Our core research methodologies—the 360° roadmapping study and tridimensional customer segmentation study—are uniquely crafted to your business. These research engagements will inform your digital investment strategy with actual customer data. We’ve been conducting primary research for more than 20 years, so we where to look and what to ask to identify the expectations, needs, and preferences of your specific set of customers.

We partner with several platforms that move manufacturers and distributors forward. 

A digital experience platform that combines content management, digital marketing, and commerce

PIM consulting for manufacturers and distributors with complex products and product

The commerce-first platform for mid-
market manufacturers and distributors

A highly scalable ecommerce platform for fast growing and large companies

The commerce-first platform for mid-
market manufacturers and distributors

An award-winning product registration platform to help identify and communicate with product owners

Learn more about our experience with your industry.

Website redesign & PIM for a century-old brand

Primary research to reach & influence target audience

Ecommerce design with PIM integration & optimization

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