Primary colors

Our primary colors pay homage to what we do every day. From our roots in code to our brand values, Binary Black, True White, and Ntara Blue represent our company—past, present, and future.

Design note: Tints of brand colors should only be used in illustrations, presentations, graphs, or other visual mediums that need to pull from the additional palette.

Secondary colors

Our secondary colors represent the region that inspires us. Our Brick Orange and Sunset Yellow depict the juxtaposition of downtown vibes, where our headquarters is located, and one of many ways to “find your center” outdoors.


When approaching any design—digital, video, or print—start with the primary palette. These foundational colors must be incorporated into every piece of brand collateral. Once the initial design direction is set, secondary colors may be incorporated to accent the primary colors, differentiate sections, or provide a focus or feature within the design.

If you have any questions, please contact the Ntara brand team at

Color summary

  1. Embrace the power of black and white
  2. A little blue goes a long way
  3. Bring in color through imagery
  4. Use secondary colors sparingly