Fine lines

These are used as a background element on solid fields of color (no gradients) and at a reduced opacity (30%-70% depending on line color and background color). The lines can be black, white, or Ntara blue. The lines-source.svg file has the raw fine lines shape that can be enlarged and cropped at different angles to create new compositions. The other lines SVG files are all crops of this original file.


Where fine lines are used as a background decorative element, dots are used in the foreground to overlap imagery and blend it into the overall design. Circles are arranged and scaled in smooth, undulating waves to simulate movement and add visual interest. They can also be arranged in a grid and peek behind the bottom rounded edge of a photo to add visual interest without overlapping the image. Dots should only be used in black or white at a reduced opacity between 30%-70%. 

Topography lines

The topography lines are sourced from a map of Johnson City and the surrounding Washington County, Tennessee, area – headquarters of Ntara. These lines should only be used in self-referential situations, like the footer of the website or about us slides in a presentation. Use them on a field of solid color at a reduced opacity (30%-70%), keeping overlapping text elements the forefront.