Streamline icons

Streamline icons can be used in presentations, ads, and on the website to provide visual interest or communicate key concepts. The icon pack download includes a black and blue combination, as well as black and white icon sets. Contact the brand team with any additional icon needs at

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Ntara services icons

Ntara has developed icons to represent our service offerings. 

Ntara insights and strategy graphic

Insights and strategy

We uncover the overlap between your stakeholders’ expectations and your customer’s needs through data.

customer segmentation icon

Customer segmentation

We identify the niche, revenue-driving segments of your audience. By better understanding your customers, you can anticipate their needs and serve them better. 

Abstract icon with four rectangles creating an x

Competitive analysis

We analyze your competition to understand the areas where they lack, and you excel—providing you with the optimal insight and opportunity.

Ntara Industry Analysis graphic

Industry analysis

We analyze every facet of your business—technology stack, competition, and your customers—and put our insights in context with industry expectations.

Ntara Technical Strategy Graphic

Technical digital strategy

To have a strong technical foundation, you must analyze your infrastructure from every angle.

UX design

UX design

Our design process is informed by personas and customer data and validated with analytics.

Ntara Website Development and Integrations graphic

Web development and integrations

We integrate various platforms into our websites to ensure user experience is simple and seamless.

Ntara PIM Graphic

Product information management

PIM is the source of truth for product data and serves as the ultimate connector.

Ntara managed digital services graphic

Managed digital services

We analyze your website for optimization opportunities—both technically and for your users—so your website works with, not against you.

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