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Ntara has been in the product information management space for over a decade. We started by building custom software to help our retailers, manufacturers, and distributors manage their product information in one place, while it can syndicate out to the websites, the mobile apps, and the other areas that they needed that information.

Little did we know that across the pond in Europe, they were working on enterprise product information management systems at scale.

inriver is a comprehensive, scalable enterprise platform for product information management, otherwise known as PIM. So, while we were building it custom over here, it was rising up as an industry over there, and in 2015 it hit big in North America.

Why Ntara chose inriver

Ntara partnered with inriver because they were one of the only solutions on the market that focused as much on the end user experience, for those people actually using the software, as they did on the APIs and the backend and the pieces that allow our developers to turn it into a scalable solution that can work for any mid-market or enterprise client.

Someone once said that the mark of a great camera is that it gets out of the way between the photographer and their subject and allows them to create great art. I don’t think in that way that inriver is that much different as a great piece of software. It gets out of the way from being a technical mess and is so easy for us to implement and so easy for our end customers to use.

It allows the product marketers and managers to really focus on the end customer experience because, at the end of the day, that’s what matters to their businesses. And when inriver can allow them to do that transparently, they’re able to bring their genius to the table and really provide the best experience for their end customer.

About inriver

inriver is a product information management company. Their SaaS solution helps their customers build better experiences. Their mission is to make our customers the best in the world at marketing and selling their products.

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