What is a roadmapping study?

You wouldn’t build a house without a set of blueprints—and we recommend the same for digital transformation. Whether you’re building an ecommerce website from scratch, overhauling your current tech stack, or optimizing what you already have, we recommend starting with a digital roadmap.

Our core research offering is our proven roadmapping methodology. This mixed method study provides your business a 360° analysis of your current digital ecosystem to align your business and inform future investments.

How is this valuable to my business?

A digital roadmapping study will uncover insights that lead to larger returns on your digital investments. 

We encourage our clients to establish benchmark data at the beginning of our working relationship. And we’ll recommend ways to collect data on an ongoing basis to measure performance. This gives your business an objective read on the effectiveness of your strategies—and it helps you identify your most profitable opportunities.

  • Direct customer insight. We’ll shine a spotlight on the needs, attitudes, and behaviors of your customers. This will light the way toward informed UX design and illustrate the requirements for future platform decisions.  
  • Competitive advantage. We’ll show you how you stack up to the competition in terms of performance, spend, and customer expectations.  
  • MarTech that delivers. And we’ll provide objective insights into which technology will deliver what your business needs. 
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Our unique approach

We begin each roadmapping study with a multi-disciplinary immersion into your business. We’ll interview key stakeholders throughout your company to identify business goals, project expectations, and “blue sky scenarios.”

What we learn in those interviews will fuel the entire research project. Identify ways to increase your average order value. Find ways to gain efficiency in your tech stack. Select the platform that fits the needs of your team and your business.

We will identify trends from across your industry. We’ll audit your competitors, your code base, your hosting needs, and more. Our roadmapping study can be all-encompassing or we can tailor it to inform specific upcoming projects. Whatever the approach, the result is a digital roadmap, customized to your business needs.

What you get

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Three-year roadmap

We’ll provide key insights from within your organization and your unique customer segments. You’ll receive an actionable list of recommendations, complete with a phased roadmap that outlines your most profitable investment opportunities. This roadmap will be an easy-to-follow guide that shows when you should change your approach and where you should stay the course.

Informed digital business strategy

This research engagement will empower you to make data-driven decisions about digital. You’ll have data to inform everything from your capital investments to operational expenses, from internal process improvement to platform selection.  

Transform your business with a digital roadmapping study.

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