Customer data is key to an effective marketing strategy. To influence your audience, you must know what they expect from your brand, what resonates with them, and what doesn’t.

Still, many marketers build their strategies on assumptions and past experience. If you want to make an impact for your business, you need a customer segmentation study.

What is a customer segmentation study?

Customer segmentation is the identification of unique groups called customer segments that exist within your audience. The people in each group exhibit similar behaviors and have similar needs and expectations. The more you know about your customer segments, The better you can serve their needs.

Customer segmentation combines qualitative and quantitative research methods to collect data from your customers and stakeholders. Your study is customized to meet your business goals and provides actionable insights about each customer segment.

Achieving business goals with customer segmentation

Whatever your business goals or KPIs, you can achieve them more effectively with customer segmentation data.  

Increase revenue/sales

Your customer segments are unique they behave in different ways for a variety of reasons. Through research, learn why customers purchase from you—and when they choose your competition. You can also determine what would make them spend more with your brand.

Improve marketing ROI

You have limited budget and resources but need to maximize your marketing. Identify which customer segments use what channels, when they use them, and why. Then use that insight to refine your messaging and plan more targeted, performant tactics.

Improve customer satisfaction

There is no limit to what you can learn by listening to your customers. Segmentation research helps you really hear them—empowering you to connect more authentically, build better connections, and improve how they feel and think about your brand.

Create data-driven personalization

Your customers expect a digital experience that is personalized to meet their needs. Instead of guessing what will work, use research to identify the needs and expectations of each segment. Then, make sure your digital strategies answer them.

How Ntara approaches customer segmentation

Unlike other customer segmentation studies that focus only on customer needs, Ntara’s customer segmentation approach covers four dimensions of data. This gives you a richer view of customer preference—and the ability to predict each segment’s online behavior.

  • Customer needs 
    Learn what your customers need based on who they are and what they do. Identify where you’re performing, where you’re lacking, and where you might be overdelivering.  
  • Customer attitudes 
    Learn how customers feel about your company, products, services, and the market in general. Identify opportunities to improve perception or adjust your focus.  
  • Customer behaviors
    Learn when, where, why, and how customers engage with your brand versus the competition. Consider the patterns of your most valuable customers and identify ways to nurture your most vulnerable ones.   
  • Existing data 
    We can compare customer segmentation data to CRM data, anonymized patient data, past survey data and more. This makes your segmentation data more insightful and actionable.

    Our research is mixed method, combining tactics such as interviews, focus groups, large-scale surveys, and web analytics to gather new data about your customers. During analysis, we look at multiple variables to identify your segmentation, and we cross-reference our findings with any existing datasets.

Customer segmentation success stories

Ntara has been doing this type of research for more than 20 years. We’ve helped brands across multiple industries achieve incredible results.  


40% reduction in sales cycle time for $1B+ deals


increased home page engagement


increased online revenue


ecommerce revenue generated


ROI on strategy spend in six months

What you get from a customer segmentation study

We create customized research deliverables, tailored to your customer segments. Your personas will define each segment. Not just made-up stories about their lives, but how much they spend with your brand, what they expect from you, and when/how they want you to engage.

Your customer journey maps will show where and how each segment engages with your brand. What they want and expect as their relationship with you evolves. Where they go for information. What questions they need answered.

These tools are invaluable for personalizing your marketing strategy. Customer journey maps and personas are your guidebook for digital strategy.

Buying customer segmentation research

Ntara’s customer segmentation studies range from $85k to $150k depending on complexity. Before we send a quote, we’ll conduct an in-depth discovery call to learn how your business currently operates, what your goals are, what data you currently have, and what you hope to accomplish with a customer segmentation study.

Ready to talk research? 

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