Kickass creative
problem solvers

A group of five mean dressed casually walking down a street with brick buildings

We have cultivated a tribe of smart, collaborative, curious problem solvers who think holistically about digital. We work together across traditional swim lanes—account strategy to development, UX design to business analysis. We are as respectful as we are challenging—with each other and our clients. Above all, we are committed to improving the digital experiences of end users.

Jeff Morris
President & CEO
Neil Owen
Executive VP & CSO
Shane McCown
VP, Operations & Engineering
Andy Didyk
VP, Sales & Marketing
Tammy O’Hare
Director, Human Resources
Samara Bolling
VP, Strategy & UX
Lynn Hewa
Director of Finance
Jeremy Peterson
Dave Norvell
Sami Ahmed
Client Services Manager
Justin Alvis
Senior Account Director
Justin Bracken
Senior Developer
Ryan Christiansen
Senior Developer
Phillip Coppedge
IT Security & Compliance Manager
Shane Cox
Senior Developer
Briar DeHaven
Account Director
Kenny Epperson
Senior Developer
Sonny Godwin
Client Services Manager
Joseph Hale
Business Analyst
Zach Helbert
Senior Business Analyst
Eric Hundley
Business Analyst
Aaron Jestrab
Senior Technical Business Analyst
David Jones
QA Manager
Brian Kiraly
Account Director
David Kraft
Micah Little
Senior Developer
Mark Oliver
Analyst & SEO Specialist
Jessica Owens
Integrated Marketing Manager
Becky Quinn
Client Services Manager
Joe Rapier
Front End Developer
Brandon Robertson
Jill Sinclair
Business Analyst
Jared Songster
Technical Business Analyst
Brandon Stack
Front End Developer
Lance Taylor
Client Services Manager
Jennifer Woods
Client Services Manager