Illustration of two overlapping thought bubbles, black on the left and blue on the right. At the intersection, there are several colorful circles in various shades of blue, red, and yellow that represent product data.

PIM software implementation requires some groundwork. Ntara’s PIM consulting services help guide you through that process. To begin, there are several questions to answer.

  • What are your biggest product pain points?
  • What are you not doing with PIM that you wish you could?
  • How will PIM fit into your current tech stack?
  • Who’s on point to standardize and complete your existing data?
  • What taxonomy will you use internally?
  • How will internal taxonomy translate to channel taxonomies?
  • Who will govern existing and future product data?

PIM helps scale businesses into more channels, faster.

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The value of PIM consulting

When businesses need PIM, they often want to jump right in. Implement faster. See value sooner. We get it—the sooner, the better. But this approach to PIM typically fails.

Successful PIM implementation requires deep analysis and thoughtful strategy. It’s critical to get this right upfront or you risk wasting time and resources on your implementation.

If you skip the pre-work, your data may not flow as intended. Adoption may be low if it’s easier to complete tasks the old way. You may not be able to scale your strategy as you launch new products. Your leadership team could pull funding because your project isn’t adding value.

Most businesses don’t have the internal resources needed to prepare for PIM. That’s where PIM consulting comes in. Ntara guides you through the necessary steps to prepare for a successful PIM implementation. That way, your investment in PIM isn’t wasted. And your leadership team gets ROI instead of buyer’s remorse.

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Illustration with two illustrated people in red circles at the bottom. A man with black hair and yellow shirt on the left looking at a woman with blue hair and a black shirt on the right. Above them are two overlapping thought bubbles, black on the left and blue on the right. At the intersection, there are several colorful circles in various shades of blue, red, and yellow that represent product data.

What is PIM consulting?

PIM consulting is a guided approach to preparing your organization for a PIM software implementation. During PIM consulting engagements, we work with you to lay the groundwork.

Through collaborative sessions, we identify your PIM requirements and your current product processes. We have a proven framework for evaluating and selecting the PIM software that’s best for you. We audit your product data and establish a data-cleansing strategy. And we guide you in optimizing your product process and mapping a scalable data model.

After a PIM consulting engagement, you have a roadmap for a successful PIM implementation. And once you launch your MVP, we can work with you to add features – and additional business value.

What you get from a PIM consulting engagement

Black icon of a checklist

PIM business requirements

Documentation of your business needs and expectations for your PIM implementation

Black icon of a computer screen

PIM software

If needed, we help select a PIM vendor that meets your business’s specific PIM requirements

Black icon with a circle in the center and various smaller circles around it, connected to the center circle with solid lines.

Product systems diagram

Visualization of your current systems, how they’re connected, and how that should evolve

Black icon with a cylinder in the middle and a rectangle around it.

Data remediation plan

Strategy for standardizing all current product data, including automated resolution whenever possible

PIM consulting services

Icon of a gray magnifying glass with circles inside of varying shapes, sizes, and colors.

Product data audit

Clean data is key for a successful PIM implementation.

Learn more about our product data audit.

Icon of overlapping circles in red, blue, yellow, and black. The overlapping circles form a circle and have two white circular arrows over them, indicating movement.

Product data lifecycle mapping

How will PIM software fit into your product ecosystem?

Learn more about product data lifecycle mapping.

Illustration of a yellow cylinder with white lines indicating multiple sections. Overlapping the cylinder is a black, partially transparent circle with a blue checkmark in the middle.

Product data governance

Ensure your product data integrity stays intact.

Learn more about product data governance.

Illustration with a large blue box with a black checkmark, overlapping with two smaller boxes—one yellow and one red.

PIM software selection

Your PIM software must meet your unique needs.

Learn about our PIM software selection process.

PIM implementation

Learn what happens after PIM consulting during your PIM implementation.

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