Ntara has a rich history in product information management (PIM) and product data.

Before PIM software became popular in the US, we built custom data management solutions. As PIM gained traction in the US, we became certified partners of several PIM software platforms.

Our team of system architects and developers have worked together to launch dozens of PIM implementations. We’ve worked alongside consumer and industrial manufacturers to optimize their data processes and launch their PIM solutions.

Ntara’s PIM experience

  • 30+ PIM implementations
    For leading brands with multichannel businesses
  • Deployments of all sizes
    From rapidly growing regional companies to established global brands
  • Deep integration expertise
    Including SAP, Salesforce, JDE, AS400, Oracle, and more
  • Industry-focused
    Solutions for brands, manufacturing, distribution, wholesale, and retail clients
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Ntara’s PIM and product data clients

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Digital commerce leaders view PIM implementation as critical to a greater PXM strategy.​

Learn what 158 manufacturers & brands had to say about the role of PIM and DAM in digital commerce. 

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Ntara’s approach to PIM implementations

We work with businesses at every stage of the PIM journey. Most need to conduct some prep work before we can begin. This increases the likelihood of a successful implementation. Your data must be clean. Your tech stack should be optimized. You need a plan in place for governance, during PIM implementation and after.

We offer a variety of PIM consulting services to set our clients up for PIM success. We can work with you to prioritize your PIM requirements, standardize what’s going into the PIM, and optimize what happens after. This consultative approach ensures you get a PIM solution that meets your unique business needs.

Product data audit

For most manufacturers, product data is complex. It gets generated in various source systems. It takes a convoluted journey across departments as people add to it and optimize it. Before you can ingest your data into PIM, it must be standardized.

With a product data audit, we examine your data and develop a prioritized plan for cleaning it up. We even identify what can be automated and what must be done manually.

Learn more about our product data audit.

Product data lifecycle mapping

In addition to your product data, you must also optimize your software. What systems do you currently use? Where are the gaps? Where is the overlap? When PIM becomes the single source of truth for product data, where else in your tech stack can you gain efficiencies?

With this consulting engagement, we help you determine what you should add, adjust, or remove to optimize your product data tech stack.

Learn more about product data lifecycle mapping.

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Product data governance

If you’re going to invest in standardizing your product process, you need measures in place to keep them that way. With a product data governance engagement, we help you develop standard operating procedures (SOPs) for maintaining data integrity.

You’ll get documented principles and guidelines and we’ll help you create a product data governance committee. You’ll also gain enterprise-wide insights regarding efficiency, security, and other governance best practices.

Learn more about product data governance.

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PIM software selection

Your PIM software must meet the unique needs of your business. Good news: we can help.

We have a proven process for identifying business requirements, evaluating top contenders, and providing objective insights. As a result, you’ll have documented requirements, a double-blind vendor scorecard, and insight into which software best serves your needs.

Learn about our PIM software selection process.

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Product data 360

If your business needs help establishing and implementing a PIM practice, this is for you. This offering includes a product data audit, product data lifecycle mapping, and product data governance. It can also include PIM software selection or other consulting services.

The output of product data 360 includes your PIM MVP requirements and a prioritized, 18-month PIM roadmap. We outline what features come out-of-the-box and what needs customization. We may even include recommendations for staffing and resources.

Learn about our product data 360 service.

Ntara’s PIM partners

We partner with a variety of PIM software so we can tailor each PIM project to the needs of our clients. Some businesses want PIM solely for syndication to retail channels. Others want PIM to do the heavy lifting in terms of data storage, workflows, and enrichment. Our PIM portfolio is growing. Check out each partner page to learn the ins and outs of their platforms.

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The PIM for the complete commerce experience

inriver partnership

inriver PIM implementation

Highly intuitive, flexible, SaaS-based PIM software

Akeneo partnership

Akeneo implementation

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Advanced data syndication through CommerceXM

Salsify partnership

Salsify PIM implementation

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The industry’s first Active Content Engine (PIM & MDM)

Syndigo partnership

Syndigo PIM implementation

Need to choose a PIM software? We have an established process for that.

Learn more about our PIM software selection rubric and how we can use it to meet your needs.

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