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Ntara partnered with Salsify in 2021. Our goal with this partnership was to meet more clients’ needs regarding advanced product data syndication through Salsify’s Commerce Experience Management (CommerceXM) platform.

We have more than a decade of experience implementing product information management systems (PIM). We’ve worked with manufacturers, distributors, and retailers of all sizes. We have managed billions of data fields and have experience syndicating to hundreds of different channels, including Amazon, Grainger, Alibaba, and big box retail.

Ntara’s PIM experience

  • 30+ PIM implementations
    For leading brands with multichannel businesses
  • Deployments of all sizes
    From rapidly growing regional companies to established global brands
  • Deep integration expertise
    Including SAP, Salesforce, JDE, AS400, Oracle, and more
  • Industry-focused
    Solutions for brands, manufacturing, distribution, wholesale, and retail clients
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Ntara’s PIM and product data clients

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Ntara’s unique approach to Salsify implementations

Salsify CommerceXM and PIM implementations typically go quickly. Within a matter of weeks, Ntara can stand up your Salsify instance, get you working in the system, and start syndicating data to your selected channels.

At Ntara, we also want our clients to think beyond that first PIM launch.

To do so, we offer a range of product data consulting services. These engagements help us understand your business—your long-term strategy, your biggest pain points, your most pressing needs. And they help us identify which Salsify features will help your business succeed on the digital shelf.

  • Product data audit
    Assess the current state of your data. This helps your business identify the level of effort it will take to launch your first channel and all future channels.
  • Product data lifecycle mapping
    Document your current data systems and processes. This helps streamline software, save money, and create more efficient product data processes.
  • Product data governance
    Implement systems to keep your data clean and reliable
  • Product data 360
    Establish processes for keeping product data clean. This removes the guesswork from all future product launches and keeps your syndication running smoothly.

Conducting this type of discovery pre-implementation gives you a thorough understanding of your PIM and product data roadmap. It informs how your data feeds should be implemented with Salsify CommerceXM. It also facilitates the creation of efficient workflows that fit the unique way you do business. And it ensures the right features are prioritized upfront so your Salsify implementation can properly support your strategy in the future.

“Ntara is a subject matter expert and thought leader in PIM and ecommerce consulting. We consider Ntara not only as a skilled implementation partner, but also as a trusted advisor for our customers in their mission to win on the digital shelf.”

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Taye Mohler

VP of Partners & Alliances, Salsify

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