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An exceptional product experience requires continuous analysis and optimization. Your business needs mechanisms in place for evaluating:

  • How products show up on the digital shelf
  • How you stack up against your competitors
  • If your ecommerce site performing as intended
  • What you could do differently to reach your goals
  • How you can improve the shopping experience

We can help you capture, analyze, and interpret multiple types of data. We can give you better access to the information you need. And we make recommendations on specific ways to optimize.

Analytics reporting

Most manufacturers and brands don’t have enough visibility into their end customers. That means you can’t be sure if your website provides value or why certain campaigns perform better than others. Without that insight, you can’t use data to justify your marketing spend. And you can’t personalize your marketing strategies because you don’t know which levers to pull.

With analytics reporting, you can start making data-driven decisions. You can optimize your product experience to earn more sales. To reach more customers. To see which marketing channels are most effective and make progress toward your KPIs.

Ntara implements and tracks website data using Google Analytics 4. We also create custom analytics dashboards that can import and compare data from multiple sources. It’s time to transform how your business makes marketing decisions. Begin tracking performance analytics and optimizing your strategies in real-time.

Illustration of an analytics dashboard. Circles and short lines down the left side of the gray background indicate menus. Various graphs and numbers on the right indicate performance analytics deliverables.
Illustration of an analytics dashboard. Gray background with black widgets throughout. Each widget holds a graph or abstract list, each in varying shades of blue, red, yellow, and gray.

Custom analytics dashboards

You have massive amounts of data – revenue, website, financial forecasting, product inventory, and more. It can seem impossible to make sense of it, much less manage it all in one place.

Our custom dashboards do just that. We pull data from disparate sources into one master view—from your ecommerce website to your CRM and ERP. We can combine financial data with research data to give you new insights. This provides visibility into the “big picture” of your go-to-market strategy.

Dashboards offer tailored, contextualized views of your massive dataset across departments. They help reduce manual processes, such as routine reporting. They empower your marketing teams to optimize their strategies with real-time insight.

Improve your forecasting, your online performance, and your marketing team’s ability to self-serve. Align your company around actionable data with a custom analytics dashboard.

Digital shelf analytics

After investing significant time and money into your product ecosystem, you can’t leave your performance up to chance.

Ntara’s digital shelf analytics services evaluate your product content across all digital channels. What’s missing? What’s inaccurate? What shows out of stock? Where are the pricing discrepancies? With these insights, you can optimize your product presence across all channels.

Illustration with a circle on the left that says PIM inside, surrounded by small circles in blue, red, and yellow. The small circles represent data. Remainder of illustration shows data flowing from the PIM, to downstream sales channels. Blue brackets at the top and bottom of the illustration and the word "analyze" at the top indicate that with product performance data, we are analyzing that data out in the wild.

What you get with performance analytics

Black icon of a report

Analytics reports

Executive summaries and actionable, in-depth monthly and quarterly strategic reports

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Custom dashboards

Single view of data from multiple sources to easily track performance

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Digital shelf analytics reporting

Regular readouts on which product attributes are missing, incomplete, or inaccurate

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Ongoing support

Performance analytics are managed via longer-term retainer contracts

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We have valuable processes for longer-term retainer contracts.

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