Salsify partner

We partnered with Salsify in 2021 because their PIM platform is purpose-built from the ground up to help branded manufacturers manage product information in the multichannel, increasingly personalized age of the digital shelf.

In its Q2 2021 PIM report, Forrester recognized Salsify as a “visionary and fast mover” in the PIM space. That’s because Salsify takes a different approach to PIM by allowing for multiple “versions of truth.” Salsify doesn’t force you to define your whole data model upfront. Rather, you can load your current data into the Salsify PIM system and start working with it sooner.


From there, you can enrich your data and improve governance incrementally to achieve better data more quickly. This means businesses can have one core data catalog, and they can also store all core data overrides for various downstream channels.

Salsify PIM provides control and agility

Salsify workflows

Salsify’s workflows bring users into the system to create and update content with confidence—and according to the right validation rules.

About Salsify

Salsify helps brand manufacturers, distributors, and retailers in over 80 countries collaborate to win on the digital shelf. The company’s Commerce Experience Management (CommerceXM) platform serves as the system of record for products, accelerates time to market for products, facilitates cross-team and cross-organization collaboration at scale, and provides the insights needed to optimize product pages across channels continuously. The result is shopper-centric, frictionless, and memorable commerce experiences. Great commerce experiences that are delivered efficiently improve brand trust, amplify product differentiation and assortments, increase conversion rate, improve profit margins, and speed time to market. Learn how the world’s largest brands, including Mars, L’Oreal, Coca-Cola, Bosch, and GSK, as well as retailers and distributors such as E.Leclerc, Carrefour, Metro, and Intermarché use Salsify every day to stand out on the digital shelf.