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Ntara partnered with Syndigo in 2021. Our goal with this partnership was to meet more clients’ needs regarding end-to-end data and content management.

Syndigo is the industry’s first Active Content Engine that empowers organizations to manage the flow of data and content throughout their commerce ecosystem. Its master data management (MDM) and product information management (PIM) capabilities allow all product, location, and party data to be stored, managed, and analyzed in one place.

Ntara implements product data management solutions for manufacturers, distributors, and retailers of all sizes. We develop custom solutions and workflows for global companies whose data exists in multiple languages. If your business needs a partner who can implement and customize Syndigo to fit your business goals, we should talk.

Ntara’s PIM experience

  • 30+ PIM implementations
    Solutions that scale to manage millions of data points
  • Deployments of all sizes
    For some of the largest B2B, B2C, and B2B2C global brands
  • Complex integration expertise
    Including SAP, Salesforce, JDE, AS400, Oracle, and more
  • Industry-focused
    Solutions for brands, manufacturing, distribution, wholesale, and retail clients
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Ntara’s PIM and product data clients

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Ntara’s unique approach to Syndigo implementations

Syndigo works great for industries that need a tailored approach to data management. In addition to maintaining the scale for large mid-market and enterprise applications, Syndigo also features purpose-built applications for the automotive industry, meeting Auto Care Standards such as ACES & PIES. And it’s the largest certified GSDN data pool in the world.

We have decades of experience in these industries and more—developing custom software and building complex integrations. That means we can tailor your Syndigo instance to meet your exact business needs. Our emphasis on nimble processes and living documentation means you’ll have access to everything you need to scale and grow your Syndigo instance in the future.

Syndigo implementations must start with a solid, strategic foundation. Our product data consulting services ensure all aspects of the project run smoothly while we mitigate risk: from project discovery, phasing, and implementation, all the way through data governance and change management.

As part of the Syndigo implementation process, you’ll receive:

“Ntara’s background in development, data management, and complex integration makes them a great Syndigo partner. Their data consulting services provide the foundational work that businesses need to prepare for successful PIM and MDM implementations.”

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Christophe Marcant

SVP, Strategic Engagement

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