inriver platinum partner


We have been a trusted inriver partner since 2016. This partnership allows us to simplify how our clients optimize and manage their product information. We frequently deploy inriver’s product information management (PIM) offering because it is flexible, scalable, and built with .NET code that integrates perfectly into our clients’ digital ecosystems.

Why choose inriver PIM?

Inriver can save you money by streamlining product data operations throughout your company. It enables businesses to quickly scale and grow into new channels. For example, inriver’s prebuilt and configured data syndication functionality means you can painlessly syndicate product data to hundreds of channels. Additionally, inriver strengthens relationships with suppliers by providing an easy, error-free way to give and receive product data. And it increases speed to market and reduces errors via completeness rules and custom workflows.

Illustration showing two overlapping circles. On the top right, a black circle with the inriver logo in the center. On the bottom left, a blue circle with the Ntara logo.

inriver awards and recognitions

2022 Partner Ambassadors of the Year, Global
Jeremy Peterson & David Norvell

2020 Partner Ambassador of the Year, North America
David Norvell

2019 North American Partner of the Year

2019 Partner Ambassador of the Year
Jeremy Peterson

2018 Delivery Excellence Award

2017 inriver Rising Star Partner of the Year

inriver Champions Program

Ntara is also home to three North American inriver Champions. That’s more than any other North American implementer!

David Norvell became an inriver Champion in 2017. Jeremy Peterson has held the title since 2020. And Zach Helbert achieved the honor in 2023. All three of our inriver Champions display exceptional leadership on the inriver platform. And they make consistent, strategic contributions to the overall field of product information management.

Custom inriver integrations

In 2018, we developed a connector between Kentico CMS and inriver PIM to easily port product information from inriver to Kentico. This feature enables distribution of data across different channels, while providing the path of least resistance for consumers to discover, buy, and advocate for their entire product line.

Accelerate inriver time to value

If speed to market is your top PIM priority, we have an accelerated analysis and implementation offering. In as few as eight weeks, our team of business analysts can analyze your current data environment and launch a fully functioning version of inriver.

About inriver

Inriver is a product information management company. Their SaaS solution helps our customers build better experiences. Their mission is to make our customers the best in the world at marketing and selling their products.