Some background information

At Ntara, we value our technology partnerships and work to create the most benefit for both organizations. So, as a Gold Solution Partner for both content management system, Kentico, and product information management platform, inriver, we wanted to further enhance these partnerships by building a tool we would utilize every day to optimize crucial development time when using these two powerful systems together.

We wondered how much more efficient our development team could become if we didn’t have to write individual services for each step involved when creating a new product and publishing it to an ecommerce website. This technology solution accelerates the sharing of product data as soon as it’s entered into the PIM directly to the CMS. This accelerator tool integrates and connects both platforms seamlessly.

What does the Kentico and inriver Connector do?

This technology tool helps users achieve a faster speed to market. The connector allows enrichment of product data directly inside inriver and helps automatically transfer this data into corresponding product description pages within Kentico.

The connector is customizable to accommodate the most complicated product data architecture. Its scalability allows manufacturers, distributors, and retailers the ability to easily upload and onboard new products and product data. Product variants such as size, color, and brand can now be easily and instantly translated from inriver to Kentico brochure or ecommerce sites.

This solution enables a product and/or digital marketing professional to easily enrich product name, imagery, description, SKU number, and a litany of other product variants directly inside the PIM system. After updating information, a user can “publish” any changes, and all relevant product information immediately appears in a product listing page on the Kentico side.

Who can use it?

This tool is a natural fit for organizations that already use inriver and Kentico platforms independently. For organizations with complex products and pricing, it provides an opportunity to quickly and conveniently go to market. Other great candidates for this connector are:

  • Those who utilize either Kentico or inriver currently, but you’re looking to add the other platform as part of your digital ecosystem.
  • Mid-market to enterprise-sized manufacturing, distribution, and retail organizations with complex products and pricing.
  • Organizations looking for a simpler way to integrate product data with a content management system.

Why is it important?

More and more, buyers are researching product information directly from a manufacturer’s website. They want to analyze auditory and visual content, as well as read product reviews, compare similar products’ pricing, and configure items together in an easy way. PIM software can help centralize all this content and syndicate it to all digital channels. It serves as a “single source of truth” for product information.

Content management systems like Kentico can utilize PIM platforms such as inriver because both use the .NET programming language, and both solutions are completely customizable and extensible. Using a well-equipped integration partner like Ntara, the union of Kentico and inriver offers tailored solutions to any size organization in the manufacturing, distribution, or retail industries.

By offering a path to organized, accurate, and consistent product data in one location, in a system like inriver, that is easily consumable by an ecommerce or brochure product site, available through a CMS like Kentico, businesses provide the path of least resistance for consumers to discover, buy, and advocate for their entire product line.

Learn more about our partnerships with Kentico and inriver. And if you’d like to speak further about what Ntara can do for you, give us a shout.

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