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Ntara partnered with censhare in 2023 because it provides manufacturers and brands with a single platform that interlinks the assets needed to sell products—images, videos, documents, and files of all types. It provides all the tools, workflows, and processes needed to get products to market, including digital asset management (DAM), product information management (PIM), and content management system (CMS) capabilities.

With this single platform, you can simplify the management of digital assets, content, and product data. Every asset is centrally held and can be quickly searched and displayed, resulting in easy collaboration for the entire business.

The value of censhare

censhare provides a single platform for all your teams to collaborate. The simplicity and automation of its DAM functionality provide easy use and, as a result, increased adoption. Its PIM functionality enables teams to manage, enrich, and access large amounts of product information. And its CMS empowers users to create media-neutral content once—making it easier to manage content at every stage.

censhare features

  • Marketing project planning
    Plan, manage, and visualize campaigns across your business and with suppliers
  • Variants management & targeting
    Deliver personalized content based on user profile and segment data
  • Localization & translation
    Ensure quality content around the globe with interfaces to external translation services
  • Print production management
    Streamline the creation of print-based material with innate workflows and automation
  • Web CMS
    Author and manage content across all types of websites
  • Headless CMS
    APIs that can exchange data with any system, device, or application

About censhare

Founded in 2001, censhare was created to solve content problems for the most demanding of clients – publishing companies, which faced significant digital disruption. Today, they work with 350+ leading brands, as almost every company has become a content publisher. Their platform delivers efficiency, omnichannel reach, and content monetization. As it continues to grow, censhare stays focused on its core promise: Always deliver the best in expertise, collaboration, and technology so businesses can master their content.

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