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Whenever I get asked what is PIM, I always like to say it’s Product Information Management but, what that really means it’s a centralized way to be able to store your product data and be able to deliver that in a marketing friendly way to multiple syndication channels.

So today organizations struggle a lot with having their product data live in multiple areas of the business, and oftentimes that causes a heartache and strife for a lot of companies. Because, they don’t have the latest information that’s out there and so they might have two or three iterations of the data that are very similar, but not consistent.

PIM is able to resolve the disparate data sources. It’s able to centralize. It’s able to have data governance around the product data. The product marketing team is actually empowered to be able to syndicate out content to multiple channels through APIs that exist inside of the platforms.

Really what it does is, it captures the power of just the raw product marketing data, and product marketers are able to just focus on what they’re great at which is marketing the products.

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