Note: As of August 2023, Ntara is now home to three inriver Champions. That’s more than any other inriver partner in North America!

Full video transcript:

The inriver Champions program is an elite group of developers and business analysts that meet on a quarterly basis to discuss the future and everything else about inriver.

So the group is formed by some of the best partners and experts in the field of PIM. Really, at its core, the group is a think tank that meets together and comes up with new ideas to propel the solution into the future.

The ideal inriver Champion is highly knowledgeable, very passionate about the software. The software is very configurable, so there’s a lot of things to learn but we also need to push it and not be afraid to think outside the box to solve solutions for our clients.

Inriver Champions are very active in the community. We oftentimes think of new ideas, new functionality that we want in the software and we submit those ideas.

To become an inriver Champion, you have to first of all be personally invited to the group. It’s invitation only, so it’s kind of exclusive. And most of the people who get invited are trailblazers in the community that have worked with inriver for a number of years and obviously are certified.

When we say “trailblazer,” what we really mean is that they’re taking the platform to the next level. They’re coming up with solutions and doing things with it that haven’t been done before.

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