What is product information management (PIM)?

Product information management is the practice of creating and distributing accurate, compelling product stories across all of your digital channels. Companies typically sell in a variety of locations: their own websites; retail websites/marketplaces, such as Amazon, Walmart, and Wayfair; and a variety of other brick and mortar distributors and stores. Effective product information management helps your team capture, optimize, and store information—all in one place—and distribute it to multiple destinations.

How is PIM software consulting valuable to my business?

You’ve been managing product data with disparate systems for quite some time, and your series of spreadsheets and homegrown databases have worked up to this point. But over time, this approach becomes unwieldy, especially as your external channels multiply. PIM software is a scalable infrastructure that can save your organization time, reduce errors in data, and improve your overall customer experience. This can provide you with direct ROI by getting products to market faster, reducing returns, and freeing up critical staff to do higher-value work.

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Our unique approach

If you’re looking to get your PIM software instance up and running in record time with unparalleled levels of efficiency, we’re your agency. But we’re not just fast—we’re also consultative. We help you make every PIM software decision with your unique business case in mind. Each of our PIM software projects has a dedicated team of business analysts, architects, and developers that work closely together to ensure efficiency. And our proprietary PIM tools expedite attribute ingestion, resulting in a reduction of errors, increased accuracy of documentation, and improved data integrity.

Free PIM Implementation Guide

Start planning for a successful PIM software implementation with this 4 step guide.

PIM for Executives has been compiled by our team of experts to help you map out your organization’s unique needs. This guide will show you how to correctly setup PIM to save time, save money, and delight more customers with ease.

What you get

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Time savings and efficiency gains

Our consulting methods quantify cost and time savings, predicting the ROI of PIM for your organization and the features you should prioritize in deployment.

Guidance on data cleansing

The quality of your data is the greatest single risk to your PIM software project. Through our experience, we have developed a data auditing process that analyzes your data to reduce risk and to ensure your PIM project goes off without a hitch. We’ll score your data with an industry leading rubric and provide specific recommendations for what needs to be addressed. As we import data into the system, we’ll run automated checks and report any rows of data with issues. This way, you have the insight you need for continual data cleanup and optimal loading.

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Increased speed to market

Standardizing your product data and processes allows your teams to work faster. That way, they can spend less time reconciling product data from multiple sources and more time merchandising and launching products.

Open new channels faster

Expand into a new ecommerce marketplace with minimal configuration—at the click of a button, versus the massive spreadsheets and long timeframes you’re used to.

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