Check out the recording below for a webinar by Ntara's VP of Sales and Marketing, Andy Didyk, and inRiver's Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Johan Boström.

This webinar covers:

  • The “7 Deadly Digital Sins” committed in each industry and how it impacts the commerce landscape
  • Changing B2B and B2C trends and how to cope
  • How to activate a digital transformation in an organization

Why host a webinar on sin? It's rampant in the manufacturing and distribution industries. Organizations often commit destructive behaviors that can sabotage digital best practices, creating challenges across the value chain that create tension for commerce giants. We all make mistakes, but these 7 Deadly Digital Sins need to be avoided to keep your marketing running smoothly.

Listen in as we use our own cast of sinful characters to bring you expert advice and best practices to keep your digital marketing on track, to drive revenue, and a plan to address any sins that are threatening it.

Slides are now available for download.

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