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Want to seize digital opportunity? We can help. We’ve helped a number of institutions in healthcare, education, and the public sector modernize their digital channels. A deep connection with your audiences. A well-aligned web presence that reinforces your brand. An integrated technology system that’s refreshingly simple to use. We can help you accomplish everything on this list, and more. Plus, we know how to navigate a complex organization and gain the support of key stakeholders along the way. Because our approach is research-based and results-oriented, you can have confidence we’ll make the most of your investment. This is right in our wheelhouse, because where we operate—and excel—is at the intersection of business strategy, digital innovation, and technical integration.

Here’s what we can do for you.

We can help you align your web presence.

The story is a common one. An organization evolves over time, and its web presence grows organically, largely unchecked—until it becomes an unwieldy mash-up of web properties, lapsed campaign sites, and obscure micro sites. We’ve helped a number of institutions get their web presence untangled, aligned, and integrated. When we tackle a digital overhaul, we start by auditing everything (and we mean everything)—from a complete inventory of web properties and current content to a dive into the technology behind it all.

Though we’ll apply a critical eye to identify the issues, we’re just as quick to tell you what’s working well and what we can build on. The digital roadmap we create all adds up to your organization’s goals and priorities. We’re also mindful that most institutions have to accommodate internal complexity and multiple stakeholders. So we recommend technology, processes, and operations to ease the burden of managing a web presence inside a complex organization. The result? A well-aligned, results-focused digital presence that will have you breathing a sigh of relief.

We can help you dial up your brand in a digital way.

Take a look at our portfolio, and you’ll see evidence of an approach that emphasizes the human, the narrative, and the personal. We have a knack for humanizing institutions and using digital to help their story shine. More and more, your audiences are experiencing your brand in a digital way. Your organization’s website is the first impression for many of your most important audiences. No matter who that audience is—patients, students, donors, influencers, the media—we can help you forge a connection in a digital way and reinforce your value story. We’ll also make sure all your digital channels are brand-aligned. Experience, design, style, tone, and content—we’ll get it all adding up to the big picture and help you roll it out inside your organization.

We can help you recruit business-critical talent.

We know how to use digital channels to attract and recruit key talent to your organization. We’ve helped leaders across industries recruit, but we have a specialty in helping institutions attract coveted talent through digital campaigns, and we’ve got the numbers to prove it. Our recruiting campaign for Vidant Health, which included a dedicated website and online marketing, increased applications by 20 percent in just a few short months. The recruiting campaigns we’ve created are premised on research into what will drive talented candidates to apply.

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