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Your customers expect intuitive website experiences. Is your website delivering?

Ntara is a digital agency driven by data, strategy, and UX/UI expertise. We help mid-size organizations and enterprise businesses improve user experiences and increase conversions. 

In as little as two weeks, your UX/UI audit will give you an actionable, data-driven plan to take your website to the next level—a digital marketing asset with true ROI. 

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Do I need a UX/UI audit?

If one or more of the following describe you or your business, we should talk: 

  • You’re experiencing a decline in conversions 
  • You want to redesign your website but need strategic direction 
  • You need to launch a new product 
  • You need to improve your accessibility compliance 
  • You need to evaluate your online competition

What is a UX/UI audit?

UX/UI (or user experience and user interface) audits are a quick way to gain insight into how well your site is working to meet your business goals. Through this process, we analyze the content, structure, and functionality of your site.

How do we approach an audit?

By nature, a UX/UI audit evaluates aspects of the website design. We assess the look and feel of the design, how users arrive to the site, and how they flow through it. But we also delve into the data—reviewing your analytics implementation, evaluating engagement and conversion rates, and identifying areas of risk. The overall usability, navigation, and level of accessibility compliance is also evaluated.

Our UX/UI audits analyze

Functional, technical, and business requirements
UX/UI of current website
UX/UI of competitors
Alignment to WCAG accessibility standards
Technical performance
Major risks & opportunities
Common use cases & user flows
Conversions & engagement

What can you expect?

You need a digital partner you can trust to tell you the good, bad, and ugly. Our team of digital strategists and UX designers work closely on UX/UI audits. The result: a thorough analysis of your digital ecosystem versus your competitors and strategic recommendations on how to optimize. 

Our audits are low-risk projects, resulting in a high value report of insights and recommendations, big and small. For many of our clients, an audit doesn’t point to a full website redesign. For instance, by improving the user flow of their website through navigational tweaks and A/B testing, one of our enterprise clients increased their homepage engagement rate by 1500%.

Timelines for these projects average 1-3 weeks and vary depending on the specific needs and complexity of your business.

Ntara is your go-to UX/UI partner

Digital consulting

Website design

Content strategy

Sitemap planning

User flow strategy

Digital marketing

Customer segmentation

Development & integrations

Hosting & migration support

Our UX/UI strategy work

Digital experiences designed for customer conversion

Your UX audit results await!

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