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Teradata is committed to growing and empowering the next generation of data scientists, analysts, and marketers who rely on data-driven insights. Teradata University Network (TUN) was created with this purpose in mind. TUN provides free access to higher education faculty and students around the globe. This access extends to Teradata and partner technology, best practices, and instructional modules in areas such as big data analytics, cloud solutions, and marketing.





registered students and faculty


Establish scalable two-way content creation and distribution

The TUN environment was a well-established and fruitful arm for the company’s marketing efforts, but the site needed a new education website design and up-to-date functionality. Instead of manually processing new content produced by professors and industry professionals, Teradata and Ntara envisioned a global system leveraging the power of an integrated network of professionals and faculty for dynamic submission, easy approval, and rapid publishing.

A customized Ektron administration system

The site was built on the Ektron CMS which did not facilitate live edits in a production environment. Ntara custom built an administration system for the new website design that allowed registered faculty members to submit content which syncs down to a staging version of the site, is approved, and made available on the live site for other instructors to access. To improve navigation, we improved the site search functionality with a new, robust query engine and re-categorized all content through new taxonomy. The new website design also provides extraordinary value to its users by providing access to the SAAS visual analytics and microstrategy suite of tools from a single user login—giving students the ability to analyze and assimilate big data in real time.

Changing the world one mind at a time

The TUN network is providing extraordinary educational opportunities for students across the globe with this new education website design.

  • 2,341 universities
  • 110 countries
  • 20,000 registered students & faculty

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