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Teradata provides end-to-end solutions and services in data warehousing, big data and analytics, and marketing applications that enable their customers to become data-driven businesses. Teradata has trusted Ntara to create impactful digital experiences to sell their widely-varied products and services since 2010.

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Establish thought leadership and worldwide community space.

Teradata’s primary goal for the big data initiative was to establish the brand at the forefront of thought leadership in the worldwide big data space. They wanted to educate users on the role big data can play in the growth of their businesses and scan the horizon of the future of big data technology. This would put viewers in a better position to evaluate the possibilities of big data for their company and give them the assurance that Teradata is the name to trust when it comes time to implement solutions.

A learning hub with success stories and resources in 7 languages: Microsite design and development

Demonstrating Teradata’s thought leadership required providing a solid base of research, a space to foster discussion and learning, and motivation for viewers to put their fresh industry knowledge to use through a video success stories series. Translations were made available in 7 different languages on the microsite for worldwide consumption, and a “Big Data Toolkit” is available behind an email subscription wall to generate B2B leads for the company.

Driving motivation for prospective clients

The Big Data Toolkit download has provided Teradata with thousands of new B2B sales leads.

  • Big data success stories get an average of over 700 pageviews per month
  • 1,000s of new B2B sales leads
  • 105% increase in organic traffic

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