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How Ntara & Vidant Health teamed up to increase cancer screening rates

Vidant Health is a leading healthcare organization serving 1.9 million people in 29 counties in eastern North Carolina. Vidant Health offers a robust range of services for cancer including education, prevention, screening, and treatment.

new cancer stories


increase in traffic


risk assessements per year


Move the needle on referrals and early screenings

Vidant Health and Ntara identified a couple of key performance indicators (KPIs) for improvement. First was to increase referrals to their cancer centers. Second was to compel people to seek early cancer screenings and prevention.

Risk assessment quizzes and live chat

To increase in both performance indicators, we developed risk assessment quizzes. The assessments would cover personal and family history for breast, cervical, colorectal, ovarian, and lung cancer. In addition, we suggested using a live chat option for individuals to get more information from a helpful member of the team 24 hours a day. The combination of assessments and live chat increases both early cancer screening rates and referrals to cancer centers.

4,000 new risk assessments per year

Early detection is crucial in fighting cancer. Thousands of eastern North Carolinians are now taking cancer risk assessments on the Cancer Care site and many are following up with cancer screenings.

  • 6 new cancer stories
  • 851% increase in traffic (due to Google Display Campaign)
  • 4,000 risk assessments per year.

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