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One of the largest healthcare networks in eastern North Carolina, the Vidant Health Foundation, has been supporting local initiatives that benefit the community since 1980. This non-profit, charitable arm through which all financial gifts and bequests are given provide valuable contributions to the community in eastern North Carolina. Ntara helped build brand awareness around the Foundation and increase online donations by redesigning its website.

Increase in YOY sessions


Increase in YOY donation amount


Increase in number of donations YOY


Increase donations to Vidant Health Foundation

Ntara needed to build awareness, style, voice, and brand affinity that connected, both socially and emotionally, to the surrounding community. Ntara also needed to portray Vidant Health Foundation as a major contributor to close-knit towns and communities of eastern North Carolina.

Bridging the gap between brand awareness and community impact

Ntara built solutions around one primary ideal: the vibrancy of life. Rather than funding an organization, Ntara wanted people to realize the Vidant Health Foundation is acting as an intermediary between their funds and ensuring the people of eastern North Carolina are able to sustain lives filled with merit, value, and substance. Ntara was able to come up with a way to bridge the gap between donating and seeing the fruits of that donation by using the “Fund ______.” terminology on the homepage.

More than 20x increase in donations

Vidant Health Foundation, January - July 2016 vs 2015

  • Sessions = +67% YOY
  • Donation amount = +2298% YOY
  • Number of donations = +260% YOY

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