Full video transcript:

Since 1999, when we started the company, we’ve always been searching for the truth. So when you look at today’s research practice, it is the same at the core. It’s always about searching for the truth—but there are so many more tools available: web analytics, CRM databases. There’s all this data that’s out there. And we still want to find the truth but we look at ways to marry these things together.

And we are fundamentally focused on the future. What does that future revenue potential look like? When you look at customer journey, how do they buy? Why do they buy? Who are your best customers? And then also identifying those customers that aren’t necessarily your best right now but how could they become that?

And really, in good research, there is hard ROI in it immediately. And it’s really about understanding where are the gaps in revenue opportunity in the future and quantifying those. To add those features, how much would it cost? Then immediately you can project that and then react to the market really, really fast.

You. know, learning is always a growth thing. You’re going to learn good things and bad things. But a lot of times, the things you learn that aren’t great are the real opportunities to improve. So that’s always been our quest. And analytics and data are just part of that. And so it’s really been part of our core values, this quest for truth.

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